During a habitation check you'll likely find the following common problems with your vehicle ...


DAMP - Located inside the walls which you might not be aware of.

FLOOR DELAMINATION - Usually by the entrance and can be prevented.

GAS SYSTEM FAULTS - Leaking LPG, high levels of Carbon Monoxide.

OUT OF DATE GAS EQUIPMENT - Gas regulators and gas pipes.

TYRES & BRAKES - Worn and out of date, should be inspected annually.

CHASSIS - Problems with the tow hitch and breakaway cable.



Motorhome Habitation Servicing


We offer an extensive Habitation Service carried out at your Home, Storage Site, Camp Site or Workplace, issuing you with a full detailed report upon completion for your records. You have the added bonus of having witnessed the service being carried out and are able to ask any questions or point out any areas that have been of previous concern to you.



Gas Test


We offer a full Gas Soundness Test to make sure there are no leaks in the system. Not forgetting the main reason of course which is to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Upon completion we provide you with a full report for your peace of mind and records.


Damp Test


What cause's Damp in a caravan ?

There are various reasons why a Caravan becomes damp. With age caravan sealing mastics become dry and powdery, causing water ingress. Bumps to rails and mouldings loosens screws, allowing water in through the screw. Manufacturing Problems, rails and mouldings not sealed correctly


We like to offer the best service we can to our customers, to enable them to keep their caravan in the best condition possible, we therefore offer a DAMP TEST in a effort to catch any water ingess as early as possible to save on expensive repairs later on.

We use a Electronic Resistance Meter, which allows us to monitor the onset of damp and catch it before serious damage occurs, this is why it is advisable to have your caravan regulary serviced.

  • Meter Readings between

  • 0 to 3=10% to 16% Normal, No cause for concern ( Kiln dried timber can be 17% )

  • 3 to 7=16% to 20% Signals Possible Water Ingess, Requires further investigation

  • 7 to 10=20% to 28% Moisture is Evident, Treatment is Required


If Remedial work is required, the caravan may not need to be completely stripped down unless interior wallboards damage indicates staining, pimpling and softness.

There is a risk of Wallboard deteration due to retained moisture in the structure if external mouldings and rails are resealed only.


If you have any doubt just phone us for a Full Damp Report.



Pre Purchase Inspection








We come out to you ...

Same-day feedback.

Fixed rated, no hidden costs.

Impartial advice.


We come out to you ...

Same-day feedback.

Fixed rated, no hidden costs.

Impartial advice.

Available for Caravans & Motorhome Habitation areas.





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